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I have been in Real Estate for over 27 years! All in the Valley including Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Mission. I can help you through your buying or selling process with little to no stress. I am easy to contact, dependable and honest. Call me today!

We ensure that each of our clients enjoys a customer-centric approach. We work with integrity and bring to the tables skills, which are essential for efficient property management.

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Next, you should determine which type of service you want. For instance, if you've chosen the property management category, then decide whether or not you need selling or renting services.

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Once you have chosen your services, our consultant will provide you with the services you need. They also provide you with key takeaways.

Buy or sell your house in few
seconds with Gary Cummings

Buy or Sell your House in a few Seconds with Gary Cummings

How can we help you ?

We believe that excellence starts with dedication and values. That's why each of our team-mates focuses on customer satisfaction, integrity, and transparency.


For long-term success, a business needs a strong relationship with the customers. We maintain transparency to build strong & long-term bonding with customers.


Maintaining integrity is vital for a property management team. We deal with many parties; hence, maintaining integrity among them is our priority. 

Customer Satisfaction

From the beginning, I've made one thing clear to my team that we'll be following a customer-centric approach as it helps ensure customer satisfaction.

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Phone Number : 604-302-1355

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Address: Flatiron Building, Vybe Realty 320 2539 Montrose Ave Abbotsford, BC V2S 3T4 CA